Cara & Tim – Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session

After spending the morning with Cara & Tim in Central Park, we then walked around the Upper East Side and eventually made it to the Brooklyn Bridge. Because I believe in the beauty of spontaneity over rigid planning when it comes to sessions, we found ourselves there in the middle of the afternoon, with what felt like thousands of tourists and the cyclists screaming at them all around us; how I managed to get photographs where it felt like we were almost alone on the bridge, and captured what looks so serene amidst such chaos, I’ll never know. I think that sometimes love drowns out the noise around us.










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Cara & Tim – Central Park Engagement Session

I recently had such a wonderful day in New York City with Cara & Tim for their engagement session, so much so that I want to first share the photographs we took in Central Park. I’ve always been inspired by the old New York; the New York that was captured on gritty black and white film, that felt like a softer, slower, more romantic New York – and that’s what I hoped to capture in these photographs… which is so different from the photographs I’ll share next, of a crowded weekend afternoon walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.









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Hello… Philadelphia

Well, I suppose it’s about time to make an announcement, as it’s been nearly two months since I’ve packed up dozens of boxes of books and moved into an old warehouse loft in Philadelphia. It was a terribly tough decision to make the move, but it was time to explore and try out city life; and while it hasn’t had its share of struggles, it’s been almost sublime. I’ve been able to more easily connect with my clients, who do travel back to the rural farmlands of Pennsylvania to get married, but many of them live in Philadelphia, New York and DC – and so now, meeting for dinners, coffees and engagement sessions in their cities has been much easier, and I’m overjoyed to be fostering better relationships and friendships with all the amazing couples I’m lucky enough to have chosen me to photograph their wedding.

This announcement isn’t to say I’m not photographing weddings in my old stomping grounds of State College anymore – I continue to visit regularly  and still accept commissions all over the east coast, and our little wonderful studio in State College is still the physical home to our gallery for visitors.

And because a photographer can’t possibly share without including a photograph, here’s a small snapshot I took on my iPhone one afternoon in the city. While I’ve always had a warm spot in my heart for the Brooklyn Bridge, I’m growing fond of the often forgotten beauty of the Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia.




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Glen & Julia – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Engagement Photographer

Meet Glen and Julia. These two hold a very special place in my heart. Not only because their love and their lives inspire such greatness, nor that these two just radiate and ooze happiness and joy… but, Glen is my second photographer. Many of my past clients have grown to know and adore Glen, and with good reason; he realizes the depths of love – to his friends, strangers, or the orphans he and Julia endlessly give their love to when they’re in India.

Glen and Julia were married last fall in an outdoor ceremony while rain poured down on a tiny, cramped tent that was heated such devotion, such love between all their family and friends. It was such an incredible, heart-warming ceremony… and maybe someday I’ll share those incredible images. But tonight, I wanted to share a few frames from their engagement session in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last fall.

Glen and I start our 2013 wedding season this Saturday together, on a family farm in rural Pennsylvania. We couldn’t be more excited; I have a feeling this is going to be such a creative, artistic and amazing wedding season.


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